Q21. Name the ruler who made the state directly responsible for the collection of land revenue.


Q22. Name the famous traveler who came from Morocco, Africa in the fourteenth century.


Q23. Raziyya Sultan was unique in the history of the Delhi Sultanate. Do you think women leaders are accepted more readily today?


Q24. When was Begumpuri mosque built?


Q25. What do gender distinctions mean? How was it used?


Q26. What were the three types of taxes collected during the sultanate period?


Q27. What do you mean by birthright?


Q28. Who were the authors of tawarikh?


Q29. Define the term iqta, iqtadar or muqti.


Q30. What are the various sources of information on Delhi Sultans?


Q31. What did the Iqtadars or Muqtis do with the revenue they collected from the region?


Q32. What is meant by the “internal” and “external” frontiers of the Sultanate?


Q33. Alauddin’s administrative measures were successful. Comment.


Q34. Name the ruler of Delhi sultanate after Iltutmish. What Minhaj-i Siraj thought about this ruler?


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