Q22. How long did tang dynasty last?


Q23. What do you know about periyapuranam?


Q24. What role did Samantas play in politics?


Q25. How were brahmanas rewarded by kings?


Q26. Who were the parties involved in the tripartite struggle?


Q27. What are prashastis?


Q28. Who was Dantidurga?


Q29. What kind of irrigation works were developed in the Tamil region?


Q30. Who were known as Samantas?


Q31. Why are temples of Thanjavur and Gangaikondacholapuram famous?


Q31. Who was Prithviraja III?


Q32. What do you know about “tripartite struggle”?


Q33. Who was Vijayalaya?


Q34. Why did chola kings give some rich landowners titles like muvendavelan, araiyar, etc.?


Q35. What were claimed as “rent”?


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