Q1. True/False

                         i.        We do not find inscriptions for the period after 700. _______

                        ii.        The Marathas asserted their political importance during this period. _________

                       iii.        Forest-dwellers were sometimes pushed out of their lands with the spread of agricultural settlements. __________

                       iv.        Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban controlled Assam, Manipur and Kashmir. _________


Q2. Fill in the blanks

                         i.        Archives are places where ________________are kept.

                        ii.        __________________was a fourteenth-century chronicler.

                       iii.        _________, ________, _________, _______and ________were some of the new crops introduced into the subcontinent during this period.

                       iv.        Several villages were governed by a_______________.


Q3. What does a Cartographer do?


Q4. What are the two main sects of Islam?


Q5. Who was Al-Idrisi?


Q6. What do you mean by archive?


Q7. Who was called the patron?


Q8. Who used the term ‘Hindustan’ for the first time and when?


Q9. Who were scribes?


Q10. How did scribes copy down the manuscripts? What was its drawback?


Q11. List some of the technological changes associated with this period.


Q12. What does the term pan-regional empire mean?


Q13.Which century marked the beginning of the medieval period? Why?


Q14. What do you know about jati panchayat?


Q15. What was the extent of Delhi Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban's empire?


Q16. How Brahmanas earned lot of respect in the society?


Q17. How do Sunni and Shia Muslims differ?


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