Q1. What is branding?


Q2. When is the consumer confused?


Q3. What do advertising makes us believe about packaged food?


Q4. How are brand values conveyed?


Q5. How do people feel about the advertising of the brands they cannot afford?


Q6. Why we need to understand the ways in which advertisements work?


Q7. Why branded daals cost much more than daals that are sold loose?


Q8. What do advertisements do?


Q9. What do you understand by social advertisements?


Q10. What do the advertisers do to convince the consumer?


Q11. Why we feel tempted to buy the products when it is advertised by our heroes or cricketers?


Q12. Write any one drawback of advertising.


Q13. Discuss the social and cultural impact of advertisements.


Q14. “Advertisements aim to get people to buy a particular brand.” What does it mean?


Q15. Why companies have to show the advertisements again and again?


Q16. What role do advertisements play in our lives?


Q17. Where does the word branding come from?


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