Q20. Why women were not seen as potters?


Q21. What did Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain do for other girls?


Q22. Who was Rashsundari Devi? What did she write in her autobiography?


Q23. Mention any two stereotypes, about what women can or cannot do.


Q24. What are some of the pressures that boys experience?


Q25. Why does government of India conduct census every 10 years?


Q26. What is Sultana’s Dream about?


Q27. List one reason why learning the alphabet was so important to women like Rashsundari Devi, Ramabai and Rokeya?


Q28. What do you understand Women’s Movement?


Q29. Who set up a mission in Khedgaon near Pune in 1898? What was the mission about? How did the mission help the women?


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