Practice Page 1


Circle the unit you will use to measure the capacity in each of the following:




a.   A glass of milk.                    ml / l

b.   Water in the water bottle.     ml / l                         

c.   Water in the tank.                 ml / l                            

d.   A medicine bottle.                 ml / l                                 

e.   Tea in a cup.                         ml / l                            

f.    A glass of cold drink.              ml / l 

g.   A bottle of perfume.               ml / l                              


Solve the following:


a. 100 ml + 100 ml + 100 ml +100 ml = _________ ml

b. 150 ml +50 ml = _________ ml

c. 100 ml + _______ ml = 200 ml

d. 300 ml + _______ = 300 ml


Fill in the blanks.


a. 1000 ml = _________ l

b. Capacity of spoon would be measured in _________________.

c. Capacity of bath tub would be measured in _______________.

d. Capacity of water tank would be measured in ______________.

e. Order the capacity from larger to smaller.

5ml, 3l, 17ml, 10l, 150ml      ______________________________

Practice Page 2


Ria bought 1l of white paint, 3l of blue paint and 4l of red paint. What is the total quantity of paint she bought?










A juice carton contained 500 ml of juice. The carton fell and 150 ml of juice spill on the ground. How much juice was left in the carton?




Red tank can hold 50 l of water and Blue tank can hold 45 l of water. What is the total capacity of both tank together?







A dairy farm sells 145 liters in the month of January and 120 liters in the month of February. How much milk did it sell in 2 months?









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