Q17. What does the civil rights act of 1964 state?


Q18. In a democracy why is universal adult franchise important?


Q19. How African–Americans were treated prior to movement in the late 1950s to push for equal rights for African– Americans?


Q20. How did B.R. Ambedkar view self-respect?


Q21. What was Civil Rights Movement?


Q22. In what ways was Omprakash Valmiki’s experience similar to that of the Ansaris?


Q23. What is a disability act passed in 1995?


Q24. List three benefits of the midday meal programme.


Q25. Establishing equality in a democratic society is a continuous struggle. Comment


Q26. What are the provisions made in the constitution for the recognition of equality?


Q27. Re-read the box on Article 15 and state two ways in which this Article addresses inequality?


Q28. What do you understand by the term “all persons are equal before the law”? Why do you think it is important in a democracy?












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