Practice Page 1


Circle the unit you will use to weigh each of the following:




a.   One mango.                          g / kg                           

b.   A cricket ball.                        g / kg               

c.   A watermelon.                       g / kg                 

d.   A feather.                              g / kg                    

e.   A dog.                                   g / kg

f.    A bag of rice.                         g / kg

g.   A packet of biscuit                  g / kg    

h.   A big suitcase                         g / kg

i.     A soap bar                              g / kg

j.    A mobile phone                       g / kg        


Answer the following:


a. 1000g = ______ kg   

b. 200g + 300g = __________ g

c. 400g + 100g + 500g = 100g + 500g + ________ g

d. 400g + 300g + _______g = 1000g

e. The mass of an elephant would be measured in ( kg / g )

f.  The mass of a chocolate bar would be measured in ( kg / g) 


Fill in the blanks with ‘g’, or ‘kg’.


Your bag weighs in ___________

Your pencil box weighs in  ___________.

Practice Page 2


Ria needs 1kg of flour. Each packet weighs 500g. How many packets she should buy?






A bag of wheat weighs 5kg and a bag of rice weighs 3kg. Find the total weight of two bags.






Find the total weight of the following: 2kg sugar, 2kg onion, 1 kg potato and 3kg rice.







Tia weighs 34kg and Ria weighs 29kg. How much does Tia weigh more than Ria?










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