Practice Page 1


Circle the unit you will use to measure the length in each of the following:




a.   Length of pen.                                      cm / m / km

b.   Length of a paper clip.                           cm / m / km

c.   Length of race track.                             cm / m / km

d.   Length of a train.                                  cm / m / km

e.   Distance between two cities.                  cm / m / km

f.    Length of desktop.                                 cm / m / km


Measure the following lengths in centimeters



     __________ cm



     __________ cm


Fill in the blanks with ‘m’, ‘cm’ or ‘km’.


My pencil is 10 ___________ long.

My room is 6 ___________ long.

Distance between my house and school is 6 ______.

Length of a pole is 3 _________

Length of paint brush is 12 ___________

Length of of a thermometer is 20 ________

Practice Page 2


Answer the following:




a.   1 meter = __________ cm

b.   1 km = ___________ m                          

c.     100 cm = _____ m

d.    1000m = ________ km

e.   Distance between two cities is measured in ______________.

f.     Length of spoon is measured in _________________.


Draw the following lengths.


a. 3cm


b. 5cm


c. 8cm


d. 10cm


Measure the following length in centimeters.


Length of your bag.                      ______________ cm

Length of your desktop.                ______________ cm

Length of your pencil.                    ______________ cm

Length of your tie.                         ______________ cm



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