Practice Page 1


Fill in the blanks:


a.   The sum of three odd numbers is ___________.

b.   The sum of two odd numbers and one even number is __________.

c.   The product of three even numbers is ____________.

d.   When an even number is divided by 2, the quotient is always_____.

e.   Sum of two prime numbers is always _________.

f.    The product of two __________ numbers is always even.

g.   The smallest even number is ______________.

h.   Numbers which are not divisible by 2 are called ________ numbers.

i.     __________numbers are multiple of 2.

j.    The sum of two even numbers is always ___________.

k.   The product of an even number and an odd number is ________.

l.     An even number is exactly divisible by __________.


Pick out even numbers.


11001, 10088, 2097, 44440, 65347, 3823


Pick out odd numbers.


2004, 1345, 5556, 7700, 10011, 455, 3602


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