Practice Page 1

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles.

a.   She is __________ doctor.

b.   Rita is _________ honest girl.

c.   ______ University of Calcutta is holding _____ seminar today.

d.   He is ________ MBA from IIM- Ahmedabad.

e.   My grandfather presents me ____ brand new car on my birthday.

f.    Shia lives in _________ big bungalow in Delhi.

g.   It is ________ interesting topic for today’s discussion.

h.   Eating ________ plate of salad before lunch is her habit.

i.     Give me __________ pencil and _________ pen.

j.    Don’t make _________ noise.

k.   I will not come for ___________ lunch today.

l.     They started their meeting late in __________ night.

m. Where did you buy _________ painting?

n.   January is ________ first month of _______ year.

o.   Yesterday was _________ hottest day.

Practice Page 2

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles.

a.   I am _________ PhD student.

b.   He goes __________ church daily in the morning.

c.   Rima is ________ best dancer in our school.

d.   ____ Sellout has won _______ 2016 Man Booker Prize for Fiction.

e.   I am fond of rock ________ music.

f.    I met _____ shabby old man in ______ shop.

g.   She will prepare dinner in ______ hour.

h.   ______ sun sets in _______ west.

i.     I live in _______ United State of America.

j.    Our teacher told us ____ story.

k.   Mira will go to _________ mall tomorrow.

l.     Will you watch ______ movie with me?

m. I saw ______ white tiger at _______ zoo.

n.   Can you send ______ electrician?

o.   We saw _____ great play today.

Practice Page 3

Underline the articles in the following sentences.

a.   He will announce the winner of the game.

b.   I travel to new city every year.

c.   We went to the science lab today.

d.   Did see the match?

e.   I eat an apple every morning.

f.    That was an interesting idea.

g.   He brought the new car today.

h.   I ate a sandwich for breakfast.

i.     We went to cinema hall today.

j.    We bought an expensive bungalow.

k.   We are going to the trade fare tomorrow.

l.     The shark grabs an octopus in its mouth.

m. My mom is going to the store.

n.   There was a squirrel in my backyard.

o.   What an awful accident!

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