The Enchanted Shirt - Questions

About the passage

A.  Read to understand

1.   Match the statements in column A with those in column B.



a) The king showed no signs of illness.

He had proclaimed the king was ‘as healthy as a fattened yearling’ and ‘as fit as a fiddle’.

b) The king sat up screaming from his sleep.

He had prescribed the king should sleep three nights in a happy man’s shirt.

c) Dr Truly had displeased the king.

But the happy man’s shirt was tattered and filthy.

d) Dr Sharp was indeed sharp and a crook.

He slept soundly and snored, had bright eyes, a clear skin, and a hearty appetite.

e) The search for the happy man ended.

He had seen a dream in which three doctors had given up hope of his recovery.


2. Answer these questions.

a) What were the diagnoses provided by the ‘three rogue physicians’?


b) What was the task that the king assigned to Ralph?


c) What did Dr Sharp claim to be? What all did he do prior to reaching his diagnosis?


d) Why was the vagabond amused?



B.  Read to infer

1.   Who were the ‘rogue physicians’ that the king asked for? Why did he also call them ‘monsters’?


2.   Why did Jim stutter while telling the truth about the king’s health?


3.   The king did cartwheels on the bed. What does this tell us about the state of his health?


4.   The king says, ‘I don’t want to look a fool for imagining things.’ What is ironical about this statement? (A statement is ironical when it has a meaning that is opposite of what is said.)


5. Do you think Dr Truly and Dr Sharp were appropriately named? Give reasons.



C.  Discuss

1.   Do you think the king was really sick? What was his ‘strange incurable disease’? Give reasons.


2.   Our dreams reflect our inner state of mind. Discuss this statement in the light of what the king dreamed of in the play.


3. What are the things money can buy? How are they important for happiness?


4. What are the things that money cannot buy?


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