About the passage

A.  Read to understand

Answer the following questions.

1.   What was the name of Dr Kalam’s teacher? In which class did he teach Dr Kalam?


2. How did the teacher explain a bird’s flight to the students in the class?


3. What was the teacher concerned about?


4. What decision did Kalam make while standing on the seashore?


5. What subjects did Kalam study to attain his goal in life?


6. What does Kalam describe as the turning point in his life?





B.  Read to infer

1.   Why did the teacher take the whole class to the seashore?


2.   How do a bird’s wings and tail help it fly?


3.   How did the lesson on the seashore and the teacher’s advice help shape Kalam’s future?




C.  Discuss

1.   Are you allowed to ask questions in class? How does asking questions help you?


2.   Kalam writes, ’He was a very good teacher and all of us loved to attend his class’. Why do you think the children felt so?


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