About the poem

A.  Read to understand

1.   Match the lines from the poem with their meanings.


2.   Answer these questions.

      a.   How many attempts did Jack make to solve the sum?


      b.   Why had Jack nothing to show to the teacher?


      c.   How did the teacher ask Jack to solve the sum?


      d.   What was the easy way that Jack found to solve the sum?



B.  Discuss

1.   Why do you think Jack would not use the abacus? Circle the words that you would use to describe him. Also, give reasons for your choice of words.


2.   Jack’s parents knew that he had a problem solving a sum. Why do you think they did not solve the sum for him?


3.   Jack repeatedly did the sum incorrectly so that the teacher worked it out for him. Do you think getting others to solve your problems is right? Give reasons for your answer.



C.  Read to appreciate

Read aloud the last words in the first stanza of the poem.

You can see that the words forty-one and done end with the same sound. Such words are called rhyming words. Poets use rhyming words to provide a musical effect to their poems.

Pick out words from the poem that rhyme with these words. Also, add two more words of your own for each.

Now, write a stanza of your own using rhyming words.


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