About the passage

A.  Read to understand

1.   Answer the following questions.

     1.   Why would Mr Earl glance up once in a while? What did his glare mean?


     2.   What did Parker see when he opened his desk to put in his lunch box?


     3.   Why did he make the desk lean away from himself?


     4.   Why did Parker snatch his hand back out of the desk?


     5.   Why did Parker not have the book?


     6.   What happened when Mr Earl threw the desktop open?



B.  Read to infer

1.   What made Parker’s desktop warm the bottom of the desk toasty?


2.   How did the sun inside Parker’s desk get him into trouble?


3.   From where do you think the sun in the desk was getting its energy?


4.   ‘Careful, Mr Earl,’ said Parker. What did Parker want to warn Mr Earl about?



C.  Discuss

1.   Why do you think Parker would not speak about what was going on inside his desk?


2.   Why did a long silence fill the room? What do you think were the children’s feeling at that moment in time? 


3. Why do you think the sun in Parker’s desk chose to swallow Mr Earl and not Parker?


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