About the poem

A.  Read to understand     

1.   Answer these questions.

      1.   What did the poet and his friend search for inside the spaceship?


      2.   What happened the moment the poet sat in the pilot’s seat?


      3.   What do you think were the poet’s feelings when a glass dome dropped around him? What calmed him later?


      4. Where was the poet’s friend, the vet, ‘stashed’? Can you guess the reason why?


      5. Identify lines from the poem that suggest the spaceship was automatically controlled.



B.  Discuss

1.   Do you think the poet and the vet were good friends? Give a reason for your answer.


2.   What do you think had happened to the vet?



C.  Read to appreciate

Read these lines from the poem.

       -      We searched and searched inside

       -      A voice said, ‘Early earthman’ then

In each line, the highlighted words begin with the same sound. This repetition of sound at the beginning of words placed close to each other is called alliteration. Poets use alliteration to give a musical quality to their poems.

Find more examples of alliteration in the poem.

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