About the passage

A.  Read to understand

1.   Fill in the blanks with years in which these events occurred.

        a)   Tenzing Norgay was born in_____________.


        b)   He moved to Darjeeling in _____________ to accompany mountaineers.


        c)   He went on his first expedition to Mount Everest in___________.


        d)   He became the first to scale Mount Everest in________________.


2.   Answer these questions.

      1.   What did Aditya plan to do with the information he had gathered?


      2.   How do the Sherpas help mountaineers?


      3.   How did Tenzing get to learn so many languages?


      4.   How have Tenzing’s courage and heroism been honoured?


      5.   What is the answer to the question asked by Aditya towards the end of the passage? You may use the Internet. (Q – Do you know which award has been established in Tenzing Norgay’s honour by the Government of India?)



B.  Read to infer

1.   The Sherpas are hired by mountaineers to guide them. However, Tenzing was different from the others. In what ways did Tenzing prove to be much more than a guide?


2.   How did Tenzing’s move from Tibet to Nepal benefit him?


3.   Why was Tenzing perfectly suited to accompany Hillary on his historic climb of Mount Everest?


4.   Why was Hillary fortunate to have the calm Tenzing by his side while climbing Everest?



C.  Discuss

1.   What do you think are the challenges faced by mountaineers? What skills and qualities does a good mountaineer have?


2.   You read how Tenzing was honoured for his achievements. Does your school reward good performers? Why is it important to honour a good performer?


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