About the poem

A.  Read to understand

1.   Complete the following summary of the poem with suitable words/phrases from the help box.

Branches spread           downwards          employ          leaves   

mighty oak                    tiny shoot             wise              useful


An acorn improves itself over the years as it lies buried in the earth. First, a root grows _____________. At the same time, a ___________ appears above the ground. Next, _________ appear on the shoot. Then, the _______________far and wide. Thus, little by little, the acorn grows into a___________. In a similar way, the boy in the poem plans to ___________ himself well so that he becomes a __________and ___________ man.


2.   Answer these questions.

     1.   What is the rule that the boy says he will keep in his mind?


     2.   Mention any three things that the boy plans to do to become ‘a wise and useful man’.


     3.   Identify the lines which suggest that our actions can make the world a better place.



B.  Discuss

1.   Do you agree with the poet that the boy is ‘thoughtful’? Give a reason for your answer.


2.   Where can you acquire ‘the treasured wisdom of long ago’? How can that knowledge be helpful to you?


3.   Why do you think oak is considered the ‘forest’s pride’?


4.   Share with your class how you plan to become wise and useful, and make the world a better place.



C.  Read to appreciate

Read the poem again and see how the poet ends every two successive lines in the poem with words that rhyme.

Write down any ten such pairs of rhyming words from the poem. Then, add one word of your own that rhymes with each pair.




















































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