Q22. What do cockroaches do when we switch on the kitchen light at night?


Q23. Is the process of breathing in animals like cows, buffaloes, dogs or cats similar to humans?


Q24. What happens when someone touches ‘touch me not’ plants?


Q25. Name some animal which produces their young ones through eggs.


Q26. Why do the plants move towards the sunlight?


Q27. How particular types of organisms can survive over thousands of years?


Q28. How do fish respire?


Q29. Do plants also respire?


Q30. All living things need food. Why?


Q31. Why is excretion important in living organisms?


Q32. Why do desert animals like rats and snakes stay in burrow during day time?


Q33. Why it is warm inside a sack of wheat?


Q34. Is there something different in the movements of non-living beings from the movements of living beings?


Q35. Is seed a living being?


Q36. What is acclimatisation?


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