Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                        i.        All living organism reproduce their own __________.

                       ii.        The plants and animals that live on land are said to live in ___________________.

                      iii.        ________help the fish to absorb oxygen dissolved in water.

                      iv.        __________is called the ship of the desert.


Q2. True/False

                        i.        Growth in living thing is a permanent and irreversible change. _______

                       ii.        Non-living things do not reproduce. _________

                      iii.        Respiration in plants takes place in day. ________

                      iv.        The living things such as plants and animals, in a habitat, are its abiotic components. _________


Q3. Name two plants that reproduce through cuttings.


Q4. How do earthworms breathe?


Q5. What is a prey?


Q6. What are predators?


Q7. What is stored in camel’s hump for use in emergency situations?


Q8. How do we feel when we see or think about our favorite food?


Q9. What do you understand by stimuli?


Q10. How do we respond, if we suddenly step on a sharp object like a thorn, while walking barefoot?


Q11. What is a habitat?


Q12. What are mammals?


Q13. Name some animals that give birth to their young ones.


Q14. What is locomotion?


Q15. Cars, bicycle, clocks and the water in the river move. The moon moves in the sky. A cloud grows in size right in front of our eyes. Can such things be called living?


Q16. What is reproduction?


Q17. How does a potato reproduce?


Q18. Why do animal move?


Q19. What happens when we move from a dark place into bright sunlight?


Q20. Define Adaptation.


Q21. What is excretion?


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