Q34. What does the skull do in the human body?


Q35. Write two function of skeleton.


Q36. List two functions of backbone.


Q37. What type of skeleton do snails have? Is the movement of a snail fast or slow as compared to an earthworm?


Q38. How does streamlined body help fish to swim in water?


Q39. What is a fixed joint? Give one example of fixed joint.


Q40. How does a snail move?


Q41. Why are earthworms known as farmer’s best friend?


Q42. How do we know the shapes of the different bones in our body?


Q43. What is hinge joint? Give one example of hinge joint.


Q44. What is ball and socket joint? Give 2 examples of ball and socket joints.


Q45. Bones are hard structures and cannot be bent. But, we still bend our elbow, knee, etc. How is this possible?


Q46. What is pivotal joint? Give one example of pivotal joint.


Q47. What are the four different types of joints?


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