Q14. What is a bone?


Q15. Is it possible for us to bend our body at every point?


Q16. If our body has no joints then will it be possible for us to move?


Q17. What would have happened if our body was made of single bone?


Q18. Which type of joint is used when a cricket bowler balls the ball?


Q19. What type of joint is used while lifting weights?


Q20. How many bones are present in our skull?


Q21. How many bones are present in our backbone?


Q22. How many muscles are present in our body?


Q23. What type of substance is secreted by earthworm?


Q24. Why can't we move our upper jaw?


Q25. What are pelvic bones?


Q26. What are joints?


Q27. What skeleton comprises of?


Q28. What happens when muscles contracts?


Q29. Define a skeleton?


Q30. Which type of joint allows us to bend our head forward and backward and turn the head to our right or left?


Q31. What are cartilages?


Q32. What are the key components of the skeletal system?


Q33. How do snakes move?


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