Q27. Name the different parts of the plant. Mention main functions of each part.


Q28. Explain the following terms.

        a.   Transpiration


        b.   Photosynthesis


        c.   Petiole


        d.   Lamina


        e.   Midrib


        f.    Leaf Venation


        g.   Bud


Q29. Define the following part of a flower.

        a.   Sepals


        b.   Petals


        c.   Stamens


        d.   Filament


        e.   Anther


        f.    Pistil


        g.   Ovary


        h.   Style


         i.     Stigma


Q30. Explain an activity to show that plant transpires.


Q31. Write an activity to test the presence of starch in a leaf.


Q32. How do we know that the leaf has prepared the starch and not received it from another part of the plant?


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