Q12. How can we separate oil and water from their mixture?


Q13. Why are we able to dissolve more solute in a solvent at high temperature?


Q14. Why sieving is not used to separate very small stones from rice grains?


Q15. There are 3 beakers half filled with water. Now add 3 spoon of sugar in first beaker, 5 spoon of sugar in second beaker and 7 spoon of sugar in third beaker. Stir the solution of all three beakers. Which solution is more saturated?


Q16. Define the following terms:

        a.   Hand picking


        b.   Threshing


        c.   Evaporation


        d.   Condensation


        e.   Saturated Solution


        f.    Unsaturated Solution


        g.   Decantation


         h.   Solution


         i.     Solute


         j.    Solvent


         k.   Strainer


Q17. What is winnowing? Where is it used?


Q18. Why do we separate substances?



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