Topic outline

    • Understanding Advertising

      Q1. What is branding?

      Ans. Branding means stamping a product with a particular name or sign.


      Q2. When is the consumer confused?

      Ans. The consumer is confused when consumer cannot differentiate between two similar products.


      Q3. What do advertising makes us believe about packaged food?

      Ans. Advertising makes us believe that things that are packaged are better than things that do not come in packets.


      Q4. How are brand values conveyed?

      Ans. Brand values are conveyed through the use of visuals and words to give us an overall image that appeals to us.


      Q5. How do people feel about the advertising of the brands they cannot afford?

      Ans. Advertising, because it appeals to personal emotions also tends to make people who cannot afford certain brands feel bad.


      Q6. Why we need to understand the ways in which advertisements work?

      Ans. We need to understand the ways in which advertisements work because advertisements influence our lives in a great way.

      Q7. Why branded daals cost much more than daals that are sold loose?

      Ans. Branded daals cost much more than daals that are sold loose because they include the costs of packaging and advertising.


      Q8. What do advertisements do?

      Ans. Advertisements draw our attention to various products and describe them positively so that we become interested in buying them.


      Q9. What do you understand by social advertisements?

      Ans. Social advertisements refer to advertisements made by the State or private agencies that have a larger message for society.


      Q10. What do the advertisers do to convince the consumer?

      Ans. Advertisers begin claiming certain special values for their brand. In this way, they try to differentiate it from other similar products.


      Q11. Why we feel tempted to buy the products when it is advertised by our heroes or cricketers?

      Ans. We may feel tempted to buy these products because persons whom we consider our heroes tell us that they are worth buying.


      Q12. Write any one drawback of advertising.

      Ans. In a democracy in which all people are equal and should be able to lead a life of dignity, advertising tends to promote a certain lack of respect for the poor.

      Q13. Discuss the social and cultural impact of advertisements.

      Ans. Advertisements are an important part of our social and cultural life today. We watch advertisements, discuss them and often judge people according to the brand products they use.


      Q14. “Advertisements aim to get people to buy a particular brand.” What does it mean?

      Ans. Advertisements aim to get people to buy a particular brand. This basically means that after we see an advertisement we should want to buy the brand.


      Q15. Why companies have to show the advertisements again and again?

      Ans. There are so many advertisements in the market today. Thus, companies have to show the advertisement again and again to have it stick in people’s minds.


      Q16. What role do advertisements play in our lives?

      Ans. Advertisements play a big role in our lives. We not only buy products based on them, but often, having certain brand products influences the ways in which we think about ourselves, our friends and our family.


      Q17. Where does the word branding come from?

      Ans. Branding actually came from cattle grazing. Cattle of different owners grazed together in ranches and they often got mixed up. The owners thought of a solution. They started marking their cattle with the owner’s sign by using a heated iron. This was called ‘branding’.


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