Topic outline

    • Human Environment-Settlement, Transport and Communication

      Q21. What types of house are common in areas of hot climate?

      Ans. Thick mud walled houses with thatched roofs are very common in areas of hot climate.


      Q22. Which type of transport is used for short distance?

      Ans. The most commonly used means of transport especially for short distances are roads.


      Q23. Which is the longest railway system?

      Ans. The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway system connecting St. Petersburg in Western Russia to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast.


      Q24. Name some the important inland water ways.

      Ans. Some of the important inland waterways are the Ganga-Brahmaputra river system, the Great Lakes in North America and the river Nile in Africa.

      Q25. What is mass media?

      Ans.  The communication by which a large group, or groups, of people can be reached at the same time is called mass media.


      Q26. How did people travel in the past?

      Ans. In the early days it took a great deal of time, to travel long distances. People had to walk and used animals to carry their goods.


      Q27. Why it became necessary to have a permanent home?

      Ans. Early human beings lived on trees and in caves. When they started to grow crops it became necessary to have a permanent home.


      Q28. What is Transhumance?

      Ans. Transhumance is a seasonal movement of people. People who rear animals move in search of new pastures according to changes in seasons.


      Q29. How sea and oceanic route are important?

      Ans. Sea routes and oceanic routes are mostly used for transporting merchandise and goods from one country to another.

      Q30. Write some names of some newspapers.

      Ans. The Hindu – English, Hindustan Times – English, The Indian Express – English, Nava Bharat – Hindi, Navbharat Times    - Hindi etc.


      Q31. When are helicopters useful?

      Ans. Helicopters are extremely useful in most inaccessible areas and in time of calamities for rescuing people and distributing food, water, clothes and medicines.


      Q32. Where do you find dwellings made of ice? Who makes them and what are they called?

      Ans. Dwellings made of the ice are found in the polar region. These dwelling are known as "igloo". It is believed that igloos are made by the Eskimo people.


      Q33. What do you know about scattered settlement?

      Ans. In a scattered settlement dwellings are spaced over an extensive area. This type of settlement is mostly found in hilly tracts, thick forests, and regions of extreme climate.


      Q34. What is Golden Quadrilateral?

      Ans. Golden Quadrilateral is a network of highways connecting India's four top metropolitan cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, thereby, forming a quadrilateral.

      Q35. Mention any two merits of railways.

      Ans. Two merits of railways are:

                              i.        It carries heavy goods and people over long distances quickly and cheaply.

                             ii.        It carries heavy goods in bulk.


      Q36. Write some important ports of the world.

      Ans. Some of the important ports of the world are Singapore and Mumbai in Asia, New York, Los Angeles in North America, Rio de Janerio in South America, Durban and Cape Town in Africa, Sydney in Australia, London and Rotterdam in Europe.


      Q37. How has the internet made our lives more comfortable?

      Ans. Internet not only provides us with worldwide information and interaction but has also made our lives more comfortable. Now we can reserve tickets for railways, airways and even cinemas and hotels sitting at home.