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    • Rural Administration

      Q18. What is Khasra record? What it tells?

      Ans. The Khasra record of the Patwari gives information regarding the map of land. It identifies which plot of land is owned by whom.


      Q19. How does a Patwari measure an agricultural field?

      Ans. The Patwari usually has ways of measuring agricultural fields. In some places a long chain is used to measure an agricultural field.

      Q20. What is the need of Ration Cards?

      Ans. A ration card is issued by a government to allow the holder to obtain food or other commodities at subsidized rate.


      Q21. What is ‘Tehsil’ or ‘Taluka’?

      Ans. For managing matters relating to land districts are further sub-divided. These subdivisions of a district are known by different names such as tehsil, taluka, etc.


      Q22. Why was Mohan worried about picking a quarrel with Raghu?

      Ans. Mohan was worried about picking a quarrel with Raghu because Raghu's family owned many fields and besides, his uncle was also the Sarpanch of the village.


      Q23. List the different names of a Patwari.

      Ans. The Patwari is known by different names in different states – in some villages such officers are called Lekhpal, in others Kanungo or Karamchari or Village Officer etc.


      Q24. “There was a land dispute between Mohan and Raghu”. What would have the Patwari done to resolve the dispute between them?

      Ans. The Patwari would have measured their lands and compared with the measurements on the map. In case of any disparity action would have been taken accordingly.

      Q25. How women were treated in the share in the family's agricultural land prior to the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005?

      Ans. Prior to the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005, Hindu women did not get a share in the family's agricultural land. After the death of the father his property was divided equally only among his sons.


      Q26. Why do we need ‘Rural Administration’ in India?

      Ans. India is said to be a country of villages. Majority of our people live in villages. Hence, village welfare is very important for the progress. ’Ruler Administration’ is needed to look after the need of ruler people.


      Q27. What would you do if somebody claims your piece of land?

      Ans. I would do the following:

                               i.        Will file a complaint in the police station.

                             ii.        Will check the records of lands with Patwari.

                            iii.        Will consult Panchayat for suggestion.


      Q28. Who was Mohan? What did he notice one morning?

      Ans. Mohan is a farmer. His family owns a small agricultural field, which they have been farming for many years. One morning Mohan noticed that Raghu had shifted the bund by a few feet. By doing so, he had managed to take over some of Mohan's land, and increased the size of his own field.

      Q29. How farmers get a copy of their land records?

      Ans. Farmers often require a copy of their land's record together with map of their land. They have a right to this information. They can get the information from the district office or the panchayat office. They may have to pay small fees for this.


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