Topic outline

    • Missed (By P.G Wodehouse)

      About the poem

      A.  Read to understand

      Answer these questions.

      1.   ‘All was peace….’ Give three reasons why the poet says this.

      Ans. All was peace….’ The poet says this line because

              i. It was a sunny day.

         ii. Ladies were very well dressed and were happy to watch the match in progress.

         iii. Birds were sitting on the treetops and singing a cheerful song.


               2.   Why was the poet daydreaming? Tick the correct option.


      The weather was pleasant.

      The bee’s song made him sleepy.

      Clara was in the audience.

      d.   There were girls prettier than Clara. 

               3.   Which three words in the third stanza identify the sport being played?

      Ans. The three words in the third stanza which identify the sport being played are bowler, wicket and batsman.


               4.   Who was grieved and why?

      Ans. The batsman was grieved because he thought that it was a catch. He got ready to leave the pitch.


               5.   What did the poet do when he realized his mistake?

      Ans. When the poet realized his mistake, he started pulling his hair violently.


               6.   Which two lines in the fourth stanza show the poet’s regret?

      Ans. O, ne’er, if I live to a million,

      Shall I feel such a terrible pang.


      And my heart was seared deep with a raw burn

      At the thought that I’d foozled that catch.


      B.  Discuss

      1.   What did the poet decide to do? Would the poet ever play cricket again?

      Ans. The poet decided to leave playing cricket altogether and start playing golf.

           No the poet will not play cricket again.


      2.   If you were in the poet’s place what would you do?

      Ans. I would have done the same thing.

      C.  Read to appreciate

      Match the following expressions used in the poem with their meanings.