Topic outline

    • Fibre to Fabric

      Q21. What type of climate is needed to grow jute?

      Ans. Warm and humid climate is needed to grow jute.


      Q22. Why cotton fabrics are preferred for moping in the household cleaning?

      Ans. Cotton fabrics can soak water and are coarse and rough. Thus they clean the floor very well.


      Q23. Write two method of knitting.

      Ans. i. by hands

             ii. by machines.


      Q24. What will happen if we pull the yarn from torn pair of socks? State the reason.

      Ans. A single yarn gets pulled out continuously as the fabric gets unraveled. This happen because they are made of knitted fabric.


      Q25. Why we spin the fibres in order to make yarn?

      Ans. Fibres are very thin and weak. We twist them together to make them strong, thick and long.

      Q26. Write the following fibres as natural or synthetic: wool, nylon, cotton, silk, polyester, jute, linen, coir, and acrylic.

      Ans.   Natural fibres: cotton, silk, jute, linen, coir.

      Synthetic fibres: nylon, polyester, acrylic.


      Q27. Write cotton producing state of India?

      Ans. Some of the cotton producing states are: Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka.

      Q28. What are looms?

      Ans. Looms are the devices for weaving cloth. Looms are either hand operated i.e. handlooms or power operated i.e. power looms.


      Q29. How silk is obtained from silkworm?

      Ans. The cocoons are boiled in water to loosen the fibre and then spun into yarn which is woven to form silk fabric.

      Q30. Why should we wear cotton clothes in summer?

      Ans. In summer we sweat a lot. Cotton clothes absorb sweat well and let it evaporate. Thus they keep our body cool.


      Q31. Which material is used for making gunny bags and why?

      Ans. Jute fibres are used for making gunny bags because they are strong and can holds heavy loads.

      Q32. Give one point of difference each for the following:


      Ginning and Retting



      It is the process of removing cotton seeds from cotton fiber by combing them.

      It is the process of soaking the tied bundles of jute stalks in water for few days so that they rot and fibers are separated from them.


      Yarn and Fabric



      Yarn is a strand made by twisting fibres together.

      Fabric is made by weaving or knitting the yarns.


      Fibre and Fabric



      These are twisted together to make yarns.

      Yarns are weaved or knitted to make fabrics.


      Q33. Why seeds are removed from cotton balls?

      Ans. Cotton seeds are removed from cotton balls to make an even and uniform fabric.

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