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    • Components of Food

      Q24. What are deficiency diseases? Write four deficiency diseases and the associated nutrients.

      Ans. Diseases caused due to lack of specific nutrients in our diet are called deficiency diseases.


      Associated Nutrient




      Vitamin C



      Night Blindness

      Vitamin A


      Q25. Identify the disease a person is suffering from?


          Ans.  Goitre

            a.   Write the symptoms of the disease.

       Ans. Symptoms are:

      i.             Swelling at the base of neck

      ii.            Tight sensation in the throat and the neck.

      iii.          A large goiter may cause difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

            b.    Suggest what kind of diet should be taken to avoid such disease.

       Ans. By using iodized table salt simple goitre can prevented.

      Q26. A plate full of colorful food items is a healthy plate? Comment

      Ans. A plate full of colorful items is considered healthy when it is colorful due to varieties of fruits and vegetables. Color due to synthetic colors is unhealthy and such food items should be avoided.


      Q27. Junk food taste good but are not healthy and nutritious food are healthy but not always taste good. Comment

      Ans. Our tongue craves for junk food as they taste food. But we know that junk food contains only calories and lack other important nutrients and hence they are not good for our health. Healthy food sometimes does not taste good but contain nutrients that our body needs to function well.

      Q28. Why should we drink 6-8 glasses of water every day even when water does not provide any energy?

      Ans. We should drink 6-8 glasses of water every day because

                              i.        It is important for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

                             ii.        It also flushes out toxins and waste from our body.

                            iii.        It regulates body temperature.


      Q29. While showing experiment to the children in the laboratory, few drops of iodine fell on teacher’s sari. The drops of iodine on the sari turned blue black. State the possible reason for change of color.

      Ans. A blue-black color results if starch is present. Sari might have been starched and starch always gives blue black color with iodine.

      Q30. Ravi did not eat vegetables but likes to eat ice-cream, pizza, biscuits, noodles and sandwich. He always complains about stomach ache and constipation. Suggest him food item that he should include in his diet to get rid of the problem.

      Ans. Junk food does not contain roughage. He may be suffering from stomach ache due to lack of roughage in his diet. He should take diet that includes whole grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables. Roughage helps to get rid of waste material easily and hence cure constipation.


      Q31. Write all components of food that provide nutrients required by our body.

      Ans. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals


      Q32. Write the component of food which does not provide any nutrients but are very important for proper functioning of our body.

      Ans. Roughage and water


      Q33. Why do nursing mothers need more protein in their diet?

      Ans. Nursing mother needs extra protein because the milk that is fed to the baby should be rich in protein and the mother's body needs lot of proteins to form milk.


      Q34. Why do we need Vitamin C in our diet?

      Ans. We need vitamin C in our diet because:

      i.             Lack of Vitamin C may result in delay in wound healing.

      ii.            It is needed for skin formation.

      iii.          It improves immunity and helps us to fight against disease.

      iv.          It is important for protein metabolism in the body.

      Q35. Our body need minerals and vitamins in very small quantities, still they are important. Why?

      Ans. They are important as

      i.             they help body to fight against many diseases

      ii.            for proper growth of the body

      iii.          for maintaining good health


      Q36.What is the function of food in our body?

      Ans. Food provides essential nutrients for proper functioning of our body.


      Q37. Why is roughage important in our diet?

      Ans. Roughage is important because it provides bulk in our intestines and helps us to get rid of undigested waste and cleans our digestive system.


      Q38. What are the three types of carbohydrates?

      Ans. The three types of carbohydrates are sugar, starch and cellulose.

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