Topic outline

    • An Ideal House

      We all need shelter to live. It keeps us safe from hard weather, wild animals and dust. Need for safe place to live made our ancestors (early man) also to move from open place to caves. Building a house is both an art and as well as a science. House is built according to the climate of the place where we live in.


      Special features of an ideal house are:

            1.   Ventilation

            2.   Sunlight

            3.   Sanitation


      Provision of fresh air to a room, building, etc. is called ventilation. Ventilation is important as it prevents air pollutants which may affect our health. Proper flow of fresh air in and out of the house helps to get rid from unwanted smells. Air enters our home from doors or windows, so the house must have enough windows and doors to let the fresh air in and stale air out. Exhaust fans or chimney installed in kitchen helps to push out stale and stinking air out of the house. Green plants planted around the house and kept in pots inside the house also help in keeping the air clean and fresh.


      Sunlight makes the house bright, warm and cheery. Sunlight disinfects the house by killing germs and bacteria and hence protects us from disease naturally. Home that are not exposed to sunlight, become damp and results in breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Proper sunlight reduces the need of electric light during the day and hence helps us to save energy. A number of windows and an open courtyard make sure that plenty of sunlight comes into the house.



      Sanitation means provision of clean drinking water and proper disposal of sewage waste water from the house. Waste not properly managed can cause health problems.


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