Topic outline

    • Measurement of Capacity

      Capacity means how much liquid a container can hold. Bigger container can hold more compared to smaller container. This means big container has larger capacity whereas smaller has lesser capacity.


      The standard unit of measuring capacity is the liter and we write “l” in short. Smaller quantities of liquid are measured in milliliters and we write “ml” in short. Medicines, water in glass, small juice packets etc. are measured in milliliters and milk, petrol, water etc. are usually measured in liters.

      1000 ml makes 1l

      1000ml = 1l


      1l =1000ml

      Word Problem

      Example 1: A tub contains 10 l of water and another tub contains 5 l. Find the total amount of water in the two tubs.


      Example 2: A petrol pump sells 445 liters of petrol in first week and 321 liters in second week. How much petrol did it sell in 2 weeks?


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