Topic outline

    • Collective Noun

      A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people, animal and specific items. For example- a group of people is called crowd, a group of cows is called a herd; a group of lions is called a pride etc.


      Some more examples:

      A fleet of airplanes

      A hive of bees

      A fleet of ships

      A flock of sheep

      A colony of ants

      A swarm of bees

      A swarm of ants

      A flock of birds

      A quiver of arrows

      A library of books

      A culture of bacteria

      An army of caterpillars

      A class of students

      An army of frogs

      A sloth of bears

      A deck of cards

      A herd of cattle

      A pack of dogs

      A school of fish

      A bouquet of flowers

      A litter of  kittens

      A litter of puppies

      A mob of kangaroos

      A pride of lions

      A troop of kangaroos

      A pride of peacocks

      A troop of monkeys

      A range of mountains

      A tribe of monkeys

      A parliament of owls

      A herd of zebra

      A herd of deer

      A herd of buffalo

      A herd of antelope

      A galaxy of stars

      A den of thieves

      A pack of wolves

      A den of snakes

      An orchard of trees

      A host of sparrows

      A forest of trees

      A division of soldiers

      A nest of mice

      An army of soldiers

      A nest of snakes

      A squad of soldiers

      A team of horses

      A panel of experts

      A team of players

      A squad of players

      A team of oxen

      A leap of leopards