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      Adjectives (Describing Words)

      Read and observe the sentences given below:

      1. Rohan is a strong boy.

      Here, the word strong tells us what kind of boy Rohan is. It describes Rohan.

      2. The man carries a heavy container.

      Here, the word heavy tells us what kind of container the man carries. It describes the container.

      3. He has a black car.

      Here, the word black tells us what colour the car has. It describes the car.

      4. A square has four sides.

      Here, the word four tells us how many sides a square has. It describes a square.

      5. He lives in a huge house.

      Here, the word huge tells us of what size the house is. It describes the house.


      The word strong, heavy, black, four and huge describe boy, container, car, square and house which are all Nouns. They are, therefore, called describing words. Words which describe Nouns are called Adjectives. All describing words are Adjectives.

      Here are some more examples.

      1. Tom is a lazy boy.

      2. Tina has a brown cat.

      3. Hari is a tall but his friend is short.

      4. The mouse is small.

      5. These sums are easy.

      6. My friend has curly hair.

      7. I picked red flowers for my sister.

      8. I like loud music.

      9. The bus had a flat tyre.

      10. Ravi is kind to everyone.


      Download Free Printable Worksheets on ‘Adjectives (Describing Words)’