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      Nouns (Naming Words)

      Read the following sentences:

      The boy is laughing.

      I have a brown cat.

      They live in Australia.

      He has a toy car.


      The word boy is the name of a person.

      The word cat is the name of an animal.

      The word Australia is the name of a place.

      The word toy car is the name of a thing.

      Words which are used as names of persons, animals, places, or things are called Nouns. Everything we can see or talk about is represented by a word that names it. That "naming" word is called a Noun. All naming words are Nouns.


      Examples of Nouns

      People: soldier, sister, teacher, aunt, cousin, lawyer etc.

      Animals: squirrel, rat, lizard, tiger, lion, camel, zebra etc.

      Places: house, London, park, beach, office, factory, shelter etc.

      Things: table, book, pen, pizza, book, flower, ring etc.

      In the following sentences underlined words are Nouns.

      1. Look, the bus is coming.

      2. I gave flowers to the teacher.

      3. Ashok is a brave boy.

      4. The girl is playing with her doll.

      5. He saw a monkey up a tree.

      Download Free Printable Worksheets on ‘Nouns (Naming Words)’