Q21. Which planets have rings around them?


Q22. What does the word planet mean?


Q23. How do people used to determine direction in ancient times?


Q24. What do scientists hypothesize about the formation of the asteroids?


Q25. What are meteoroids?


Q26. Who was the first man to step on the surface of the moon and when?


Q27. What is constellation? Write one example.


Q28. Which is the most recognizable constellation?


Q29. Why can’t we see the moon and all those bright tiny objects during day time?


Q30. What are celestial bodies?


Q31. Why earth appears blue from outer space?


Q32. Why earth is called blue planet?


Q33. Why Milky Way is called Akash Ganga?


Q34. What is a satellite?


Q35. Which planet is known as the “Earth’s Twin” and why?


Q36. What is the Universe?


Q37. What are orbits?


Q38. Which is the nearest planet to the sun? How much time it takes to complete one round along its orbit?


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