Practice Page 1

Read the following sentences. Circle the kind of sentence it is.

·         Never hurt anybody.(Statement/Command)

·         Stop writing in my notebook.(Statement/Command)

·         This was the first time I came first.(Statement/Command)

·         I finished all my work.(Statement/Command)

·         Clean the floor with this cloth.(Statement/Command)

·         Go out of this room.(Statement/Command)

·         The dinner is ready.(Statement/Command)

·         The car running at high speed.(Statement/Command)

·         This food is very tasty.(Statement/Command)

·         Switch of the light.(Statement/Command)

·         It is sunny outside.(Statement/Command)

·         I am extremely tired.(Statement/Command)

·         Don’t irritate me.(Statement/Command)

·         I am going to Delhi today.(Statement/Command)

·         Read your book.(Statement/Command)

·         This dress is very beautiful.(Statement/Command)

Practice Page 2

Read the following sentences. Circle the kind of sentence it is.

·         The children play hide and seek.(Statement/Command)

·         Rita watch the parade every year.(Statement/Command)

·         Wash your hand before eating.(Statement/Command)

·         I like to eat pizza.(Statement/Command)

·         My mom tells me story every night.(Statement/Command)

·         Dia dance nicely.(Statement/Command)

·         Complete your work by evening.(Statement/Command)

·         This is a red car.(Statement/Command)

·         Stand up.(Statement/Command)

·         Don’t waste my time.(Statement/Command)

·         Go away from here.(Statement/Command)

·         I am extremely tired.(Statement/Command)

·         Dog is playing with a ball.(Statement/Command)

·         Wear your uniform.(Statement/Command)

·         Go to your room.(Statement/Command)

·         Keep your note book in your bag.(Statement/Command)

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