Q86. Here are different opinions about what made India a democracy.

How much importance would you give to each of these factors?

a. Democracy in India is a gift of the British rulers. We received training to work with representative legislative institutions under the British rule.

b. Freedom Struggle challenged the colonial exploitation and denial of different freedoms to Indians. Free India could not be anything but democratic.

c. We were lucky to have leaders who had democratic convictions. The denial of democracy in several other newly independent countries shows the important role of these leaders.


Q87. Read the following statements about a constitution. Give reasons why each of these is true or not true.

a The authority of the rules of the constitution is the same as that of any other law.

b Constitution lays down how different organs of the government will be formed.

c Rights of citizens and limits on the power of the government are laid down in the constitution.

d A constitution is about institutions, not about values


Q88. Write a short note on the following: Rajendra Prasad, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Jawaharlal Nehru, Baldev Singh and Sarojini Naidu


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