About the passage

Understand and Answer

A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

”I might as well enjoy my work.”

1. Who said these words? Where was the speaker?


2. Why did the speaker say this?


3. What effect did it have on the listener?


B. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

1. Scheduling bath time was not easy because

a) everyone wanted to have a bath at the same time.

b) there was only one bathroom.

c) there wasn’t enough water.


2. The writer was given

a) a wrist watch.   b) a wind-up toy.   c) an alarm clock.


3. The writer’s mother did laundry

a) only on the weekends.

b) every day of the week.

c) four days of the week.


4. On laundry days, she awoke at

a) 4 am.    b) 5:30 am.   c) 6 am.


5. The writer’s mother sang as she worked because

a) it was her favourite pastime.

b) it helped her stay awake.

c) it helped her enjoy her work.


6. The writer’s father did his paperwork in the morning because _____________ at that time of the day.

a) he felt fresh

b) he enjoyed working

c) the house was quiet


C. Answer these questions.

1. How old was the writer when he learned to rise early? At what time did he wake up?


2. Which sentence in the story tells us that the family had to save money to buy things?


3. How did the writer feel when he learned to do small jobs?


4. Did the other children in the writer’s family help with the housework? How do you know?


5. What was the important lesson that the writer and his siblings learnt from their parents?


Think and answer

1. Why do you think the writer’s mother praised him although he dropped most of the clothes?


2. Why does the writer look back fondly on those days spent in the old basement?


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