Worksheet 1

Underline the adjectives in the sentences below.

1. A rabbit has long ears.

2. Cheetah is a fast runner.

3. A spider has eight legs.

4. My cat has short tail.

5. Bitter gourds taste bitter.

6. A black pencil is on the table.

7. The fox is a clever animal.

8. Rita is beautiful.

9. He is an honest boy.

10. Diya is a nice girl.

11. Those bags are heavy.

12. Our teacher is patient and kind.

13. My kitten is playful.


Worksheet 2

In the group of words given below, one word is not a describing word. Underline it.

1. violet, orange, brown, walk, pink

2. tall, stand, long, short, huge

3. young, beautiful, girl, nice, lovely

4. shoes, big, fat, great, huge.

5. bitter, sour, tasty, pizza, yummy

6. tall, tiny, elephant, small, big

7. happy, sad, angry, laugh, glad

8. thin, stick, thick, long, small

9. round, square, oval, circle, brick

10. garden, large, noisy, old, new

11. bag, heavy, light, large, red

12. fresh, soggy, tasty, wood, juicy

13. pretty, busy, table, sweet, soft

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