Q20. What is national park?


Q21. How is soil formed?


Q22. What is weathering?


Q23. Why are plains and river valleys densely populated?


Q24. Why Ganga Brahmaputra plain of India is an over populated region?


Q25. What are the different types of soil found in India?


Q26. Why is fresh water the most precious substance on earth?


Q27. What is rain water harvesting?


Q28. Write any two reasons for land degradation today?


Q29. What has led to a large scale destruction of forest cover and arable land?


Q30. How to prevent surface runoff?


Q31. Suggest one way to control water pollution.


Q32. What is intercropping?


Q33. Why Earth is called water planet?


Q34. What is biosphere?


Q35. What do you mean by ecosystem?


Q36. What is termed as Land use?


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