Q19. Who are called Red Indians?


Q20. Why Prairies are known as the ‘Granaries of the World’?


Q21. What are the two types of grasslands?


Q22. What is the major occupation of the people of the South African grasslands?


Q23. Why is there a rise of wool industry in the velds?


Q24. Which is the two most developed countries in the world which located in prairies region?


Q25. Where are prairies located?


Q26. What are chinook winds and what are its effects?


Q27. Write a note on the flora and fauna of the Velds.


Q28. Write a brief note on the climate of the prairies?


Q29. What are the major occupations of the people living in prairies?


Q30. Describe the flora and fauna of the prairies.


Q31. What are the activities performed by the people of Velds?


Q32. What are distinguishing features of the prairies?





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