Practice Page 1

Write the correct word for each clue.


waist, waste, son, sun, wait, weight, heel, heal, weak, week, stationary, stationery, way, weigh


         1.   ______________________ the back part of the human foot below the ankle

         ______________________ to become healthy again

         2.   ______________________   a period of seven days

         ______________________  having little physical strength or energy

         3.    ______________________  stay where one is until a particular time

          ______________________   the heaviness of a person or thing

         4.   ______________________    not moving

         ______________________    writing and other office materials

         5.   ______________________    the star round which the earth orbits

         ______________________    a male descendant

         6.    ______________________    a method of doing something

          ______________________  find out how heavy someone or something is typically using scales

Practice Page 2

Select the correct homophone to complete the sentence.

·         Vendors (sell / cell) vegetables on every Monday.

·         I have (four / for) kittens.

·         She has become (week / weak) due to illness.

·         Class III (one / won) the match.

·         Give me (eight / ate) mangoes.

·         My parents (aloud / allowed) me to go for picnic.

·         Stars twinkle in the sky at (night / knight).

·         Mrs Sharma’s (sun / son) studies in grade III.

·         She borrowed (some / sum) money from me.

·         I went (to / too) the mall yesterday.

·         This chair is made up of (steel / steal).

·         What's the train (fair / fare)?

·         When did you (break / brake) the window?

·         My uncle decided to (buy / by) a new car.

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