Practice Page 1


Write one proper noun for each of the given common nouns.













Complete the sentence using common noun from the box.


bag   guitar   country   friends   window   rope

Ayush plays the ________ very well.

Look out of the______________!

My __________ is very heavy.

There is a _____________ behind you.

Which _______________ would you like to visit?

Aditya, Raju and Ramesh are my_____________.


Complete the sentence using proper noun.


_____________ is an honest girl.

She grew up in ___________________.

_________________ is a festival of lights.

_________________ plays guitar.

_________________ is my best friend.

Practice Page 2

 Q1. Is the highlighted word in the sentence a common noun or a proper noun?

·         My friend grew up in a small town. _____________________

·         My aunt shifted to Kanpur. _____________________

·         My grandparents live in Bihar. _____________________

·         The last game of this series was very interesting.__________

·         I have two dogs. _____________________

·         We live in Ghaziabad. _____________________

·         Did Rita win the prize?  _____________________

·         The teacher punished the mischievous boy. ______________

 Q2. Underline the common noun and circle the proper noun in each sentence.

·         Rita went to the market to buy vegetables.

·         Ayush left his cricket kit at my house.

·         My brother is a well-known dentist.

·         My aunt is a nice lady.

·         Mr Stilton is a good writer.

·         Akbar was a great emperor.

·         This road is very narrow.


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