Q1. Write two examples of slow changes.


Q2. Write two examples of fast changes.


Q3. Is it possible to obtain wood from sawdust?


Q4. Does the shape of the eraser changes when it is used repetitively?


Q5. Think of some changes that happen in our body.


Q6. A small size boat is made by folding a paper. Can this change be reversed? Think and write one more example of similar type.


Q7. Your brother accidently dropped your favorite pencil box and broke it. This is a change you did not want. Can you reverse this change?


Q8. How candles of different shape are made?


Q9. What is reversible change?


Q10. Is cutting down of a tree is reversible change?


Q11. Is printing of book is a reversible or an irreversible change?


Q12. Write two examples each of reversible and irreversible changes.


Q13. You made a picture on a blank sheet and colored it. Can you reverse this change? If not, why?


Q14. Explosion of a cracker is an irreversible change. How?

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