Topic outline

    • Parts of the body

      Our body is wonderful! We do all activity using our body. Thinking and our reasoning capability make us different from other living creatures of the earth. Our ability to communicate and think makes us human.

      Our body has many parts and each one has different name and use. Let’s know the names of our body parts.


      Parts of the body


      My body moves

      We use our legs to kick, walk, skip, run, jump etc. We can wiggle our toes and fingers, write with our hands, lift things etc. While doing these things our body parts bends. Bending makes movement possible. All the places that bend in our body are called joints.


      Observe your hand; do you see lines on your hand? Try to bend your hand at all the lines you see. What do you observe?

      We see that we can bend our entire 4 finger at 3 places, thumb at 2 places. Bending of our fingers, thumb and palm allow us to lift and use many things with our hands. We use our hands to squeeze, hold, pick, touch etc. Our thumb plays great role in doing anything with our hand.


      Is it possible for us to hold a scissors or brush without thumb? No, without thumb we cannot use our hands and fingers to move things in a way we want to control.


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