Topic outline

    • My Family and Friends

      People living together by ties of marriage, blood or adaptation as a unit forms a family.


      Small family / Nuclear family

      A family consisting of a pair of adults and their children is called small family or nuclear family.


      Big family / Joint family / Extended family / Un-divided family

      Joint family or big family is large in size consisting of members of 3 or more generation such as grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins living in one home.


      Why Family is Important?

      Family is the most important in our life because

                   i.        family provides love, protection and guidance

                  ii.        family helps to build our self-confidence and self-esteem

                iii.        family provide a sense of belongingness


      What does family do?

      Members of the family celebrate every festival together.

      Members love and care for each other.

      Live together in one home as one unit.

      Share responsibility of the household work.


      How are families different?

      Families may follow different religion such as Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity etc.

      Families follow different cultures.

      Families have different food habits and speak different language.

      Size of the families may also differ.


      Loving, Caring and Sharing

      In a family each member cares for other and shares in the responsibility of household work. Grandparents share responsibility by doing gardening, going to the market to buy vegetables, taking children to the park in the evening, telling bedtime stories to the kids etc. This way they get some exercise too.


      Mother cooks food for everyone, do most of the household task, take care of children when they are sick, take care of everyone.


      Father goes to the office and support the family financially, helps out other in household work on weekends.


      Elder brother or sister help their younger brother or sister in completing their school work, keeping their toys back after play, help elderly people of the family who cannot take care of themselves.


      Younger can help by keeping their room neat and clean, helping grandparents in gardening, helping mother in certain kitchen work.


      My friends

      We play and enjoy with our friends. We share our joy and sorrows with our friends. Friends care for each other. We share ideas and things with them.

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