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    • Means of Transport

      We generally walk for shorter distance and take any transport for longer distance. In olden days bullock-carts, horse driven cart and boats were only means of transport for commuting from one place to another. These means are still used in villages to travel and transport things. Animals like donkeys, bulls, mules, camels, and asses are used to carry loads for longer distances.

      The various means of Transport available are:

      Land Transport

      Road Transport – Roads connect different villages, town and cities. The most common road vehicles include buses, trucks, motorcycles, scooter, rickshaw, car, vans and bicycles.  Bus carries large number of passengers near about 50-60.

      Rail Transport – Rail transport includes all transport over rails or tracks. This includes trains (both passenger as well as goods train), metro and trams. Rail transport carries more people or goods compared to road transport.


      Air Transport –Air transport includes all transport through the air such as airplanes, helicopters. It is the fastest means of transport and connects all major cities. Air transport is expensive. It is possible to reach other country in few hours or a day through air transport. Hot air balloon and blimp is a flight technology used for pleasure rides. A rocket is a flying vehicle used for space exploration or airborne weapon.


      Water Transport – Water transport includes boat, ship, steamer, yacht, submarines. Steamers and boats sail along big rivers and ships sail in the oceans and seas carrying passengers and goods from place to another. Water transport is slow as compared to road, rail or air transport.

      A yacht is a medium-sized sailing boat used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercial purposes.

      Submarine - A submarine is a watercraft designed to operate completely underwater in the sea for long period. Submarines are most noticeable in navies and used for military purpose. However, they are also used by scientists to travel deep into the sea to study deep water sea life.


      Transport can also be grouped as personal or public.

      Personal transport is owned by individual for personal use. Example: car, scooter, bicycle etc.

      Public transport is owned by government or private body for general public. Example: bus, train, ship, taxi etc.

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