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    • A Tale of a Tail

      Long ago, between rocks near a pond, lived two lizards, named Leo and Meo. Meo was stronger than Leo. There was a big rock where both of them loved to relax under the sun. One day Leo was lying on the rock, he felt so relaxed that he had fallen asleep. Meo came there and told Leo, “Wake up, I will take sunbathe here”. Leo replied,” I came here first, so I will rest here. Please come after sometime.” On hearing this, Meo attacked Leo. In this fierce fight, Leo lost his tail.

      Leo was sad and started searching his tail. He did not know where it had gone while they were fighting. He searched everywhere but could not find his tail. He was sure it must be somewhere around, so he kept searching for it. In his search he forgot about his family and friends. He used to ask everyone he met whether they had seen his tail.

      One day his friend, a frog, named Turdy asked him, “Why you are looking for another tail, when you already have one?” Leo turned and saw a new tail had grown. Leo spent long time in search that a new tail had grown.

      Turdy said, “I saw your old tail in the creeks of the rock. You may get it if you wish but it is useless now”. Leo went to bring his old tail. It was dry and dirty, still he was happy to have it.

      Turdy asked him “Why are carrying it when you have new beautiful tail.” Leo answered, “Because I took so much of pain in finding this”.

      Turdy said, “But it is of no use now.” Leo understood this, so he left his old tail and his past worries. He decided to live with his new tail and new hopes for his coming future, leaving behind all his past sufferings.

      Moral: We must try to overcome our failures and so that our past does not spoil our future.

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