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    • Sharing

      There were two brothers. Their names were Ansh and Vansh. Both love each other. They used to go school together on their bikes and play together. Their parents were happy that both care for each other. They had so many toys to play. They used to share everything they had.

      One afternoon they were playing with their toys at home. But for one of the toys which both of them liked, they started fighting. Fight was getting worse, so they decided to divide all that they have between them equally. They took several days in sorting what belong to whom. Their parents were worried to see all this as it was not coming to an end. The gap between the two brothers was widening.

      Now they had separate stack of toys to play but no one to play with.  Both of them quarreled, fought but never smiled. From inside both were broken and sad.

      Their parents got an idea. The idea was to arrange a small party for children at their home. They brought all toys at one place and arranged some snacks for children. As planned children arrived and started playing with toys and enjoying chocolates, chips etc. When both brothers returned from school, they saw that the children had mixed up their toys which they sorted out. Seeing this, their face turned red in anger but soon they realize their foolishness when they saw children sharing and playing happily together.

      Now they are glad that they realized their mistake and hugged each other. Tear came to their eyes and decided to spend their days living together. Their parents’ idea worked. Their parents were happy to see them united.

      Moral: Sharing spread love and concern for other who are in need.

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